Monday, February 18, 2008

Comedy in Property.

Often, industrial or federal clients buying a parcel of land will inquire of a property's original title holder or original source for enviornmental liability reasons. Included in my property book is an amusing "response" from a lawyer to a federal agency inquiring about the title to a tract of Louisiana land prior to 1803, presumably because a record of title could not be found in any U.S. records:

I am in receipt of your letter from the fifth of this month inquiring as to the state of the title prior to the year of 1803.
Please be advised that in the year 1803 the United States of America acquired the Territory of Louisiana from the Republic of France by purchase. The Republic of France previously acquired title from the Spanish Crown by conquest. Spain acquired title by virtue of the discoveries of one Christopher Columbus, a Genoese sailor who had been duly authorized to embark upon his voyage by Isabella, Queen of Spain. Before granting such authority, Isabella, a pious and cautious woman, obtainted the sanction of His Holiness, the Pope. The Pope is the Vicar on earth of Jesus Christ, the only son and heir apparent of God. God made Louisiana.
Aside from the poppery, funny stuff.

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Stephen said...

Is this a real excerpt from history? Totally funny! ...because God made LA...