Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The cost of choice.

British artist hung herself after an abortion.

I am consistently amazed at the boastful nature of our culture and its emphasis on choosing sin, and the utter destruction it brings.

We can choose to have sex out of wedlock, yet people are suprised that marriages fail 50% of the time. They attribute it to older and outdated notions and say that marriage as an institution has failed, rather than they as people have failed to keep their vows. Our society consistently clings to its sexual lusts even though it causes marriages to end in divorce, with broken hearted children who can't understand why their parents can't keep their proimses to each other, or to them.

We can choose to kill our own children in the pursuit of "reproductive rights". This is a fallacy on it's face as abortion is not sustaining the right to have sex; at no point in our law has it sought to abbrogate one's right to reproduce or engage in the act of reproduction. What's the result? Women leaving these clinics devastated because the counselors puffed up the result, claiming there would be no guilt, because "it's just a fetus". The guilt was too much for this woman but somehow, I doubt the doctor or the counselors have any regrets over the fact this women who they were responsible for killed herself. In their line of work, their consciences are seared. The value of choice outweighs the value of life, every time.

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Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Thanks for this post. It never ceases to amaze me the ridiculous arguments made by pro-choice defenders while we stand in front of abortion clinics.